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Welcome to Lyon, the French Capital of Gastronomy! If you are a gourmet person, Lyon will spoil you with its 2000 restaurants of which 13 have been awarded Michelin Stars and a wide number of local specialities.

1 Markets (From Tuesday to Sunday):
* Lyon’s Covered Food Market: this is the magic place for gourmets! It is there that Paul Bocuse, before becoming one of the most world-famous French Chefs, always did his market. Stroll through the alleyways and appreciate the wonderful display of fresh products and regional specialities on the colourful stalls. Taste some local cheese as St Marcellin, St Felicien or Rigotte de Condrieu or just feel the special atmosphere around a glass of Viognier or Chardonnay white wine.
* Saint Antoine Market: this lovely outdoor market is located on the banks of the Saone River near Celestin Square. 110 small producers sell their fresh and colourful products to the local “Lyonnais”: bakers, cheese makers, fruits and vegetable producers, flower shops, butchers, etc.

1 “Bouchon” Restaurants:
In Lyon, a restaurant serving typical Lyons food is called “Bouchon”. The name “bouchon” (cork in English) comes from the times when the roadside inns used to hang corks made of straw from their inn signs to inform stagecoaches that they were serving wine. During this “wine-stop”, drivers used to clean their horses with a bunch of straw also called “bouchon”.
A “bouchon restaurant” is just the ideal place to taste some Lyons specialities:
• Quenelle: natural or flavoured dumpling baked in oven.
• Gateau de foie: chicken liver soufflé.
• Saucisson brioché: a pork sausage cooked in pastry.
• Andouillette lyonnaise: tripes prepared the lyon’s way.
• Cervelle de Canuts: cottage cheese with herbs, garlic and onions.
• Bugne: typical dessert lyons fritter with icing sugar.
• Tarte Praline: Praline tart, etc.
Prices are between € 15 and € 30, and the choice is almost unlimited! The most famous ones are “La Machonnerie”, le “Café des Federations”, “Chez Abel”, “Chez Paul”, “Chabert”, « La Mere Jean », etc.

1 Brasseries Restaurants:
A “brasserie” is an establishment where they used to make their own beer and serve food menus. Nowadays, brasseries restaurants are a good choice for fresh delicious cuisine served in the lively atmosphere. We recommend the Brasserie Georges, Le Grand Café des Négociant, L’Est, La Brasserie des Brotteaux, Le Sud, … etc.

1 Gastronomic Restaurants:
During your stay in Lyon, indulge yourself and savour the Grand Chef Cuisine! We have selected below some famous gastronomic addresses:
* Paul Bocuse welcomes you in his restaurant called l’Auberge du Pont de Collonges located four kilometres north of Lyon on the Banks of the Saone River.
* Nicolas Le Bec opens the doors of his gastronomic restaurant located rue Grolée Street in the heart Presqu’ile City Centre.
* Christian Tetedoie invites you to discover his inventive traditional cuisine in his restaurant situated near the old town by the Saone River.
* Other gastronomic restaurants: Les 3 Dômes, L’Arc en Ciel, l’Auberge de l’Ile, Les Terrasses de Lyon, etc.

Whether it is for a bouchon, brasserie or gastronomic restaurant, don’t hesitate to ask a recommendation to your hotel, they always know the best nearby addresses. Bon appétit!





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