Luxury Chateaux ****

Indulge yourself staying one or several nights in a luxury Chateau Hotel of the Beaujolais and totally relax in the heart of the Wine Country.

If you arrive or stay in Lyon, take one of our Beaujolais Tours and at the end of the day our deluxe minibus will drop you off at your Chateau Hotel.

If you are already in the Beaujolais, discover the best sights and wines of the region going on a Half or Full Day Tour. Our deluxe minibus will pick you up directly at your Chateau Hotel facilities with a possible drop off in Lyon or at St Exupery airport.

Chateau de Bagnols *****

Château de Bagnols is the finest five-star deluxe château hotel in France and is regarded by many as the finest vineyard chateau hotel in the world. Dating from the 13th century, the chateau is set among vineyards, forests and green hills and features impressive towers, the original dry moat, honey-coloured stone known as pierres dorées and a dramatic entrance across a drawbridge. The Château de Bagnols is one of France's major historic monuments as well as a unique luxury hotel with 21 of the most superb rooms and suites in France.

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Chateau de Pizay ****

Château de Pizay is a magnificent XIVth and XVIIth century castle with façades adorned with coasts of arms surmounted by an imposing dungeon. The castle is surrounded by a 130 acre vineyard and 75 acre oak forest and features a superb French Style garden. Chateau de Pizay offers 62 luxury rooms with a complete range of facilities and services: swimming pool, spa, gastronomic restaurant, etc.

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Prices of rooms continually change depending on seasons and fares. If you wish, Kanpai can call for you the Chateau Hotel and ask for the best price. We can also make your reservation; in this case, a credit card number will be requested. Payment of your stay will be due at the Chateau Hotel Reception Desk.




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